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Marc's finishing story began in his earlier years in Montreal. After earning a diploma in both Cabinetry and Finishing Marc worked for 7 years in Montreal before making the move out West where he has continued his profession locally since 2014. Marc had always dreamed of opening his own shop and that dream became reality with Squamish Finishing Solutions.


When we decided to combine our skills and open Squamish Finishing Solutions we knew there was no better place to start our dream shop than Squamish. With a vibrant entrepreneurial scene, love for art and craftsmanship this town was where we wanted to lay our roots.



Position: Shop dog

Age: 6 years old

From: Nominingue, Qc.

Specializes in: Looking cute and shredding sticks. His love for wood is what sets him apart from other shop dogs. He is always there to lend a hand and make sure we take at least one break a day for pets. 

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